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Analyze DNA Matches

​This 15-Hour Retainer enables Rolnick Research to analyze DNA matches on your behalf (and with complete privacy) across all genetic testing companies and search public records to triangulate family trees and identify candidate birth parents or target relations.  Contact me for pricing

Inherited Disease Research

​This 15-Hour Retainer enables Rolnick Research to study and expand your family tree (with complete privacy) using known disease inheritance patterns to trace genetic conditions and find potential carriers.  Contact me for pricing.

5-Hour Coaching

15-Hour (minimum) Retainer

  • Autosomal
  • Y-DNA
  • Mitochondrial
  • Unknown Parentage: adoptees, foundlings, donor-conceived
  • NPEs: finding the biological father after unexpected DNA results
  • Inherited Disease Studies: identifying potential carriers
  • Genealogical Brick Walls: extending your tree back in time 

DNA Testing Companies

The purpose of this fee-based 5-hour coaching consultation is to guide you in your own researchWe will help you understand how to interpret your DNA results to confirm family connections, make use of other resources and apply proven methodologies to your search. Contact me for pricing. 

Service Offerings

Common Case Types

During this free phone conversation we will review your particular needs and make a recommendation for the next steps based on your skill level and budget. 

  • AncestryDNA
  • Family Tree DNA
  • 23andMe
  • ​MyHeritage

DNA Testing Types

30-Minute Phone Consultation